Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Using Hypnotherapy to Achieve your Goals in 2010

Happy New Year to You!

Already I feel like this year will be a good one. Let's face it life will always be full of ups and downs, but how we deal with them is key. Some of the biggest challenges people face is dealing with body issues, self-esteem, weight loss, trying to quit smoking and general stress, anxiety and old or new traumas.

Many people seek the help of a hypnotherapist in order to try to achieve their weight loss goals, smoking cessation goals, trauma release goals, or to get relief from stress and anxiety. The truth is there is no instant formula. No magic potion, no instant cure. However, hypnotherapy can help.

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state that happens to all people. Basically the human brain goes in and out of phases of focus on attention every few minutes to cycles of 10, 20, to 30 minutes at a time. This is also similar to sleep patterns. So when your brain gets tired of focusing you go into a state of "auto pilot" basically a state of "overwhelm." Your brain starts recording information more deeply and in a less controlled manner.

Some of the triggers for waking states of hypnosis are low blood sugar and repetitive actions. So be sure to take short breaks during your day, and eat high protein (brain food) every 3-4 hours. This will boost your natural metabolism, and help you to stay out of uncontrolled hypnosis. It will also keep you more alert and functioning at a more optimum level.

In order to lose weight more effectively I can help you to become aware of which habits to change and how to achieve your weight loss goals more efficiently through proper diet, do-able exercise, and better self-acceptance. I will also teach you how to better cope with every day stress and your triggers for overeating. I will "feed you" your weight loss goals while you are deeply relaxed in a state of controlled hypnosis.

In order to quit smoking, I will help you to identify your triggers and teach you alternatives to coping with your stress. I will also assess where you are at with smoking and help you to understand how ready you are to quit. Through deep relaxation I will help you to release your biggest triggers and replace your enjoyment with negative associations so that every time you pick up a cigarette you will feel nauseous.

Life is a mixed bag. Trauma is part of life. Being born is a bit traumatic for most, and giving birth can be traumatic. As we grow older we encounter all kinds of obstacles from minor life lessons to huge hurdles and sometimes big traumas. Trauma is part of life. Currently the trauma of war is a more commonly experienced trauma because there are so many American soldiers returning from the Middle East. I developed a hypnosis protocol that is highly efficient in releasing trauma of any kind from the deep subconscious. It is like deleting a ton of SPAM mail and bad virus' in a computer hard drive so that the mechanism operates faster and more efficiently. My non threatening, relaxing, hypnotherapy releasing protocol, helps people to get past their trauma and to thrive!

Anxiety is also an every day common human experience. Everyone experiences anxiety. My stress relieving exercises combine ancient Eastern Tibetan and Indian meditation and pranic (Ancient Hindu / Yoga) breathing exercises that help to alleviate stress almost instantly. I will teach you how to use these simple techniques in your every day life.

I have a masters degree in psychology and counseling, and have been working with all ages since 1994, that's 16 years! To schedule a controlled and confidential hypnotherapy session with me, please call me at (310) 382-6313 Please also check out my website at:

Peace to you in this auspicious time of the early new year! what an exciting symbolic time for fresh beginnings!


-Aura Walker, MA, CHt