Monday, December 6, 2010

Tips for Overcoming Holiday Blues and Blahs!

Season's Greetings!

It was recently suggested to me by George McQuade III (a well known publicist) that as a credentialed hypnotherapist, I share some insights to combating the "Holiday Blues and Blahs."

The holiday season is tough for many. Family is what we are born into, or adopted into, abandoned by, or choose to abandon. Bottom line is unless you have chosen to do a Lakota "Hunkah" sacred adoption ceremony, not many get to choose their family. If you have a great family, consider yourself blessed beyond measure! Mine is very mixed. I am grateful nevertheless.

I will share some of my best common sense suggestions here, as well as a number of my favorite natural remedies for boosting; mood, sleep, calm, immunity, digestion, metabolism, and sex drive. You can read more at my website:

Do not feel guilty about managing time into short and do-able spurts, with difficult relatives or colleagues. This encourages happier moments. This can be visits of 30 minutes or longer. So long as you are not miserable. If you know it will be challenging, then limit the time. Create a reasonable excuse, such as; "I am sorry, but I have made other plans." I don't encourage lying, but certainly find other things that you want to do or need to take care of. If this leads into guilt or animosity, wish them well with warmth and excuse yourself rapidly. Your time is valuable.

Rest! Whether due to overwork, or underpay, or both, holidays seem to bring on stress as well as good cheer. I suggest 5HTP, an over the counter sleep aid that has no side effects. You should awake feeling better and refreshed. To stay calm at all times try Calmazon found here:

Keeping your sanity, and getting rest are as important as keeping your immunity boosted. Use daily doses of probiotics (w/ no sugar or magnesium stearate. Found in health food stores). Camu-Gold in travel size (boosts mood and immunity, w/ a tart squirts in the mouth as needed.) Please order from this site:

Too tired to "get it on" with your beloved?...a few days of this stuff -Sumacazon, will get your Jingle going:

An over the counter easy grab (I should own stock) is Sam-e. Sold everywhere (even Trader Joe's). Works better than any anti-depressant -ever. A natural amino acid, your body will recognize it immediately. It metabolizes fast, boosts mood into a good day. No negative side effects. I love this stuff and so do my clients.

Another great low cost tip: epsom salts! One cup to a full bath, detoxes you through osmosis. It draws out toxins and should clear sinuses. Salt can dehydrate. Drink tons of purified water every day. Also for sinuses I love Neil Med products. They come with a squirt bottle and pre-mixed sachets to mix a gentle solution. Clears out bacteria that often live high in the nasal passages.

Baking Soda! My fave non toxic home item. I put it in water with berries and grapes, soak for a minute or two and rinse. Both fruits carry mold. Sprinkle on pets, carpet, and around the home. A non toxic way to kill fleas and other bugs. Best way to clean your tub. It naturally kills bacteria. Brush to whiten teeth like a charm. Use a tiny bit, about 1/3-1/4 of a T-spoon in a tall glass of water to combat heartburn, kills candida in the gut, and flushes eye infections.

For holiday metabolism: Metabazon. For regular digestion: Digestazon (scroll down and find both under link.):
I could go on. I do whole life, holistic lifestyle makeovers. For questions, or to try my effective hypnosis protocol, please feel free to contact me directly

Happy Holidays! Cheers! -Aura Walker MA, CHt (310) 382-6313