Thursday, June 9, 2011

Preventing and Curing Cancer the Natural Way 101!

On June 3rd, 2011, I was invited and attended a conference in L.A., on Cancer Prevention, sponsored by Drew University. I was invited by the Healthy African American Families II organization. I had previously met a number of contacts at an also recent prior Black Caucus conference. I had been invited to that as well. Somehow I got on a list. A good list. I was honored to be there, and learned so much both times.

The fact is, cancer is big business in America! Yet, there are no cancer treatment centers in South Los Angeles, -primarily low income Black neighborhoods. Nor are there any fresh produce grocery stores. Health disparities in low income Black communities outnumber any other urban population. Mexican immigrants in Los Angeles, naturally incorporate more fresh produce into their cooking, establish neighborhood markets, and line up for medical studies and free medical services. Poor Black Americans do not. There are many reasons why. I remind you that the Civil Rights Movement was less than 70 years ago. Black Americans are still recovering from slavery and racism. Health disparities were addressed at both conferences that I attended.

I am a holistic mental health practitioner, hypnotherapist, trauma intervention specialist, and public health educator. I have been working with children and families since 1995. I have also been researching natural medicine since 1992, and I use it daily.

In my continued recent independent research, I have discovered the newly publicized (and yet publicly unnoticed) link between cancer and inactive cell mitochondria. Mitochondria are little blob like parts of a cell that exist in the nucleus or middle of each cell in the body. They act like little engines to drive the cell. They convert energy for the cell to function, and also contain information that allows a tired, sick, or old cell to die off. The dying of old cells is normal and happens naturally all over the body, creating room for new healthier, younger, more vibrant cells.

There is  a whole skin rejuvenation beauty industry built around exfoliating dead skin cells off the face. This allows for new young skin cells to regenerate. I used to manage a medical beauty spa. I should know. Removing dead or almost dead cells off the face with fruit acid peels, microdermabrasion, or laser skin therapy -all stave off wrinkles and allow for a youthful glow. 

At the second conference I attended, the cancer conference, I met a holistic Dr. Zarif. He mentioned cancerous cells as a byproduct of the body's natural function. I personally believe that there are many causes of cancer. I should say there are many things that can shut down cell mitochondria. I have included links below, to illustrate parts of the theory related to inactive mitochondria and cancer. I believe that an overload of either viruses, bacteria, chemicals/ pollutants can overload cells shutting down the mitochondria's normal messaging to die off, so that new cells can replace them. Thus weakened cells become almost "zombie like," go on "auto pilot" and keep reproducing like mad into tumors. Very much like a computer glitch.

I think that bacteria such as yeasty Candida Albicans can infest cells and take them over so the cells literally mutate with the fungus and begin to spread with the fungus, spreading outward. Sugar feeds bacteria. I now use Stevia and raw organic local honey instead. 

I think viruses invade the nucleus of cells where they like to hide out from white blood cells, undetectable by the immune system. They attack mitochondria, corrupt the DNA, and mutate cells rapidly.

Pesticides on single food crops (like; wheat, corn, sugar beets, sugar cane) and petrochemicals i.e. petroleum (used in many hygiene products, lotions, shampoo and make-up), hydrogenated oils (one molecule away from plastic, is used as a preservative in every day foods like chips, cookies, crackers and shortening) (or an overload of dead bacteria in pasteurized dairy) -all overwhelm the immune system, and suffocate cells. They may all switch off mitochondria's ability to die. 

I think too many prescribed antibiotics, as well as antibiotics in non organic dairy and meat products, toxify and kill the probiotics in the gut linked to immunity. The antibiotics thus allow remaining or new invaders to proliferate, they then take over and weaken the immune system. I believe that probiotics will eventually replace antibiotics, and that raw dairy will continue to re-gain popularity with proper monitoring and guidelines. We are already seeing probiotics having a more visible presence in products like Activia, baby formula, and over the counter supplements. I can buy raw butter and raw milk at Sprouts around the corner, and raw cheese at Trader Joe's a few minutes away.

I cured my 8 year old daughter of Lyme disease, a blood born and terribly destructive bacteria. I cured her with natural antibacterial herbs like Garlic and Oregano oil, Cat's Claw (Una de Gato), Japanese Knot Weed (in reservatrol form found in the Source Natural brand) and probiotics. The only available Western medication for Lyme is antibiotics. Rough estimates guess that almost half of the country has now been exposed to the Lyme bacteria. People are infected by infected ticks, fleas, gnats, and mosquitoes. Every adult I have spoken to who was diagnosed with late stages of Lyme disease and related bacteria like Bartonella has been sick long-term, and not necessarily cured on antibiotics. The antibiotics must be taken early on within 72 hours of infection. Otherwise late in the game, they can weaken the immune system and allow remaining invasive bacteria to gain control, dominating the body and making people very sick-long-term. This is very lucrative for unethical doctors and drug companies.You can read more about how I cured her in my blog post on Lyme. 

That said, I do think antibiotics in short, high doses, are valuable for ear infections and bad infections caught early on. Its when the antibiotics are prescribed long-term that they destroy the immune system-long term. So for every round of antibiotics, take double the amount of probiotics in tandem. Thereafter, to rebuild your immune system.

I believe that too many childhood vaccines at once, overload small babies and young children's immune systems damaging the central nervous system, nerve cells, and possibly even shutting down mitochondria's ability to die off naturally. I believe that this can lead to learning disorders like Autism and the increase of childhood cancers. I refused to give my child more than one vaccine at a time and paced them out months at a time to allow her immune system to adapt. Even then her cognitive abilities slowed down the day of each shot. Sometimes she would get very quiet and not make eye contact. I could tell she felt horrible. Now, we do not get the flu shot. Instead I use Oregano oil (rub on the soles of the feet to access the nervous system-best way for kids too) and probiotics. We do not get the flu or colds anymore. We also address emotional conflicts as soon as possible, so that they do not fester. Every illness correlates with an emotional conflict. Feelings of joy boost immunity.

 I use raw alkaline foods to stave off bacteria and viruses in my body. Neither can thrive in an alkaline environment. I only eat organic red meat sparingly. Meat is acidic. I eat organic produce, and dairy -like yogurt and raw cheese. I use sea salt, lemons, and limes in water to alkalize daily. I eat raw veggies. Especially Kale, Zucchini, Broccoli, and Avocados. Calcium rich foods like Kale and Broccoli are critical. They seem to protect cells and feed and strengthen mitochondria. I also brew Kefir water at home daily. It is easy to make. It is a natural probiotic to boost the immune system (Google it, its great!) The Kefir bacterium eat up sugar, are vitamin rich, and kill bacteria and parasites in the gut.The digestive system houses the body's first line of defense and is a huge part of the immune system.

You will see in the links below, that the doctor from Alberta Canada, Evangelos Michelakis, discovered that a natural salt DCA or Dichloroacetate, (I found an untested source from China) re-activates the mitochondria's ability to expire cells normally. He is still hesitant to say that his discovery works. He has been stonewalled by the FDA who cannot patent a natural salt! No profit for them! So no dice! He has also probably received threats that he cannot say it works. Although, he has discovered that it does. Cancer is big business in America.

There are also herbs like Sangre de Drago and Graviola straight from the Amazon rain forest that the Amazon Indians have used for centuries to cure cancer and all kinds of other diseases including healing wounds and internal bleeding. Not to mention the power of natural viatmin C! I use only plant based and natural supplements because the body does not readily recognize synthesized lab made vitamins. Synthesized supplements tax the renal system -kidneys, and liver too. You end up peeing most of them out anyway! The body cannot recognize them, and thus does not absorb non-food source materials.

I think the danger in using DCA without supervision is not knowing the source.  If it were mined in an uncontrolled manner, it  may contain harmful natural heavy metals such as Cadmium, Led and unknown minerals. Dosage is also an issue. So, I stick to sea salt, and aluminum free baking soda (also a salt. The Red Mill brand is good.), and lemons and limes which when combined with filtered water, balance electrolytes and help energy fire through cells more efficiently. I believe that this simple practice keeps mitochondria charged in a healthy manner.

Enjoy these links and please feel free to contact me with questions or to schedule a session. There are many more links on line about everything I have mentioned. You may already be familiar with much of it. You can find more of my credentials on LinkedIn too. I am also on Facebook and Twitter. My website is: 

 Relevant links about DCA and Mitochondria:

Remember the salt DCA, it may save your life!: Scientists cure cancer but no one takes notice:  Sadly this link was removed. Probably by the FDA!

Here's to good simple health! The way your great grandma used to do it!




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