Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Are You Eating Properly to Stay in Shape?

I get busy often. I usually get wrapped up in what I am doing, and around mid day, my stomach starts to grumble "feed me!" The fact is humans were once foragers. Our ancestors, were on the loose, surviving in the wild. We are genetically built to eat often in order to survive. However, now we can relax more and we have more choices. So in order to feed your need without ballooning, be sure to carry snacks and eat regularly. I carry almonds, jerky, and individually wrapped low fat string cheese.

Look at your hand!You should eat something the size of your hand every 3-4 hours. Preferably eat protein. For example, I will often eat half a turkey sandwich, a piece of fruit, a handful of nuts, organic beef jerky, or cheese. Of course one at a time, and not all in one sitting. The best low calorie drink, is of course water! If you are at a party with a big spread, snack in smaller portions, such as the size of a table spoon at a time.

If you still feel ravenous, I suggest getting your blood checked to see if your thyroid is in balance, or get your spit checked through a "spit stress test." Enzymes in our spit show how stressed our adrenals and kidneys are. Both your thyroid and adrenals can effect you appetite and weight gain, and or weight loss. Certain homeopathic hormones can help to regulate these systems fairly quickly, but you need to get tested first.

I have been researching natural medicine and nutrition for over 20 years. I only write about my own experiences and on what works. For a private session with me, please call (310) 382-6313

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